Saturday, July 9, 2016

Decorating with Antiques

If you are like me, you love anything old!  I live in New England, where there are many Antique shops of various varieties and while I've always enjoyed browsing through them, I've never actually purchased anything.  My reason is simple.  I don't know what to do with them!  After spending an afternoon in Essex, Massachusetts I went in search of online images to help me visualize how to decorate with Antiques.  I offer these images for others that are in search of inspiration.  So, the next time you walk into an Antique store you will know what to do when you discover that great vintage treasure!

I love the use of this antique server in the
middle of the kitchen.  It adds both character and storage.

While I would probably not use suitcases in my own home,
I think it's a very clever idea! I also love the antique mirror and table in the hallway. 

I love the simplicity of Victorian furniture and I think it's ideal for small rooms. 

I am currently in search of a roll-top desk like this one.
There is something unequivocally charming about it!

This antique French table is still very popular today.  I've seen it in Restoration Hardware. 
If you enjoy refinishing furniture you can buy a table like this in an antique store for only $300.

I've held onto this photo for a while.  I love the doors, the row of antique canisters,
the table and the flower pots.  I wish I had a room to decorate like this!

You could find this antique canister and bench in
almost any antique shop.  Look how beautiful it looks in this foyer.

I love the beautiful chair and tables, but the French entryway
antique doors takes this room to a whole different level!

This antique serving tray adds character to an otherwise boring room.

I like the use of the Tuscan doors on the walls rather than pictures. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Interior Design Styles

When you first set off to decorate your home, it may be hard to define what style suits you the best.  There are so many different Interior Design styles to choose from!  Below are some examples of my favorite styles:


French Country interior design uses contrasting textures, colors and design; blending pale pieces against dark, oversized mirrors along with delicate classically shaped furniture or traditional furniture with bold outlines.  Below is a typical dining room using a simple rustic table with delicately carved chairs.  This style is similar to Shabby Chic

SOURCE:  pintrest



This classical style uses elements specific to the historical period of your choice. 
I personally love the use of rich colors and dark wood furnishings along
with the four-poster beds and Hepplewhite tables.


First Developed in the 1800's the Rustic style is for the outdoorsman in all of us.
It consists of handcrafted furniture employing tree trunks, twigs and logs to emphasize
nature.  Charmingly simple and ultimately rugged neutral colors with earthly accents.
Elements include, ceiling beams, stone walls and tiled floors.



Shabby Chic emphasizes aged and distressed furnishings, vintage
accessories, time-worn linen fabrics, soft pastel colors and subtle earth tones.
It's a cottage inspired style that is soft, feminine and romantic.

SOURCE:  pintrest


Fine craftsmanship define this style that began in the beginning
of the 20th century.  Basic furniture with rich tones and coarse fabrics.
It's a simple design but very warm and welcoming.


1940's Colonial Transformed

Six months ago, my husband and I bought the house that nobody wanted. We knew it needed work but since I've spent hours watching Fixer-Upper shows, I thought I was more than qualified!  After all it only takes a one hour episode to renovate an entire room...RIGHT?  Well, here is a chronicle of our experience with the restoration. 

Looked almost too good to be true from the outside and we quickly
found out that it was!  If you saw the movie The Money Pit,
you'll notice a resemblance...there is a reason for that!

The first order of business was to restore the bathrooms.  Every bathroom in this house was old and dingy. The Master Bathroom was a priority.  Unfortunately, when we ripped out the existing floor we discovered significant water damage and mold!   It was so bad that we had to rip open the ceiling in the room underneath to clear it all out.  We even found a peanut and evidence of an infestation!  I got an exterminator immediately and a specialist to inspect the mold.

Initially, I liked the layout of this room but we needed a shower
and the ceilings were too low over the bathtub to support one.

MASTER BATHROOM: AFTERThis is a work in progress.  I've always loved the elegance of a
gray and white room so I began with that pallet.  I think it still needs some
splashes of bright yellow to liven it up a bit.  More pictures to come!


NEXT was the upstairs bathroom adjacent to the kids bedrooms.  This, fortunately, was not in bad shape. It was just ugly!  Our carpenter just finished this bathroom yesterday.  Below are the preliminary pictures before the accessories are added.  Stay tuned for more pictures!


Since the house was built in the 1940's, I tried to add details to the room
that stayed true to the era without it looking dated.  I also removed the pedestal
sink and the side cabinet and replaced it with a 49" vanity to fill the whole space.
I'm still searching for a mirror, curtains, pictures and accessories.

The following rooms are on our "to do" list:

This kitchen was added by the former owner in the 1990's.
It doesn't match the character of the rest of the house and it's impractical since
there isn't enough space for a table and it is two rooms away from the dining room! 
The Master Bedroom has wall to wall carpet
covering up nice hardwood floors and what I'm afraid is more
water damage.  I've noticed that the rug is different by the bathroom
and they removed the original flooring and replaced it with plywood.
This is the downstairs bathroom.  It's not in bad shape however it could use
some updating since it's the bathroom that everyone who visits is going to see.